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22 Trina Solar panels with a total of 5940 Wp

This beautiful villa in Hamont-Achel in Belgium is a nicely renovated house with a sizable flat roof pointing to south. The owners of the house wanted a flexible systeem that can be easily expanded when more power is required.

Avunet used the maximum space on the roof to cover it with poly solar panels. The panels have micro inverters attached to them which inverts each panels DC current into AC current.

The main advantages of micro-inverters:

      • This system can be extended easily without replacing a central inverter

      • No "Single Point of Failure", when a central inverter fails none of your solar panels will work...

      • Maximum yield because each solar panel exploits the maximum light

      • This system can be mixed with panels facing a different angle to the sun

      • Monitor yield per solar panel via the (mobile) app

      • Very robust solution with 25 years of warranty

Disadvantage of micro-inverters:

      • The initial purchase is higher than string inverters or power optimizers but it pays off over time!

Avunet mounted 22 Trina 270 Wp poly solar panels on a contruction of three rows. The manufacture is Van der Valk Solar Systems. The first row has a tilt of 15°, the second 25° and the third 30° from flat. Avunet used a lower tilt in order to put the rows closer together to max out the space without the shade barrier.


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